Visit the United Kingdom | Apply for a UK Visit Visa

You can come to the United Kingdom on a Visit Visa:

  • for tourism

  • on a holiday

  • to see your family and friends

  • for certain business activities

  • to attend a meeting

  • to do a short course of study

  • to take part in research

  • to take part in an exchange programme as an academic

  • for medical reasons

  • to receive private medical treatment

After Brexit, its time for you to visit the UK and explore emerging business opportunities.

Conus Consulting UK will provide you Market Research, Product Research, Competitors Research, potential Market Share you can generate and more on a business of your choice.

Olive Breeze is a UK Immigration Firm registered to handle UK Immigration cases. From providing initial information to handle visa application, Olive Breeze provides extensive and comprehensive services.

Conus Group


Conus Group


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