Prepare for an Interview for Sole Representative Visa for the UK

Updated: Apr 23

Representative of an Overseas Business

Visa Interview

Key aspects to note when preparing for a Visa Interview for Representative of an Overseas Business (Sole Representative Visa for the UK)

  1. Seniority

  2. Day to day Decision Making

  3. Know the Numbers


The applicant has to be a senior person. Seniority may cover qualifications, experience, and length of employment in senior positions whether with the current employer and/or previous employers collectively.

Day to day Decision Making

The applicant should be capable of taking day-to-day operational decisions whilst in the United Kingdom. This decision-making is largely limited to operations only. Whilst for the key and major policy decisions, the applicant may work with the Head Office by securing their guidance and permissions. Among others the day-to-day decision-making will include handling clients, handling staff, and negotiating fees and prices.

Know the Numbers

The applicant must know the operational results of the Head Office, such as Turnover, Profits, and the availability of funds to invest in the UK. Similarly projected results for the UK Operations should also be either on the tips of the applicant and/or be able to find from the projected financials already submitted with the Authorities. Figures such as how much investment to be made, how much will be the profit/loss during the first year, will be the top questions which may be asked.

Prepare for the interview in sufficient time. Try to grab the overall Head Office business and the business to be launched in the United Kingdom. Try to understand how the revenue will be generated, how much investment will be required, how the services will be delivered, and what will be the ultimate financial results of the UK Operations. There is no specific set of questions but most of the questions will be from this sphere.

Best of luck applicants.

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