OISC Level 1: What happens at OISC Level 1 Online Exam

As Pandemic and Lockdowns have changed the way we do things, so the way the OISC conducts assessments have also changed. Recently an online assessment was conducted by OISC, a snapshot of how it worked, is presented below.

Currently, it is unknown whether OISC will continue to conduct its assessments online using the same procedure, however, if they do continue to use the same technology, then its how it happened.

A third party conducts Online Assessment using Proctortracking software. As a part of the process, the applicants have to complete their onboarding and registration process online. Show of face and ID on the screen along with a room scan is required.

For the OISC Level 1 assessment, some of the relevant features, are listed below for introduction purposes.

A webcam has to remain open using which the invigilators continue to watch you.

You will use your computer, laptop for the test, as the case may be. But in addition to that, access to the internet during the test along with the use of any Mobile Phone, Tablet or dual screens is prohibited.

Copy and paste features are disabled.

Candidates looking away from their screen for extended periods of time are not allowed.

Devices such as Mobile Phone, Tablet, dual screens are also prohibited.

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