Looking for a Job in the UK? Ensure that the Employer has a Sponsor Licence.

Sponsor Licence

An employer who wishes to employ someone from outside the United Kingdom should have a Sponsor Licence.

Sponsor Licence is issued by the British Authorities to the UK based Employers, in the absence of which such recruitment may not be possible.

Whether its a paid job or unpaid, in either case, an employer should have a Sponsor Licence.

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All those interested to apply for a job in the United Kingdom, need to ensure that the Employer has a Sponsor Licence.

Since Brexit, any citizen of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland who arrive in the UK after 31/12/2020 should check for Sponsor Licence with the Employer.

Employers authorised to recruit from outside the UK

British Government maintains a Register of Sponsors which shows the organisations licensed to sponsor workers on the Worker (formerly Tier 2) and Temporary Worker (formerly Tier 5) immigration routes. It shows the organisation’s name (in alphabetical order), the type of licence they hold (Worker or Temporary Worker), the rating for that type of licence (A or B), and the individual routes under which they are licensed.

Check the Register below:

• 3.80MB

(updated 26/01/2021)

Job Suitability

Employers with Sponsor Licence can not recruit employees from outside the United Kingdom for any and every job that they may have. There are certain jobs only. To know which jobs are suitable for the purpose, read here ...

Professional Advice

UK Immigration and other laws continue to change from time to time unannounced. It is more prudent to seek professional advice before taking any step.

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