Is Accounting Profession lagging behind?

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Micro to Small and Medium Businesses

Like any other country, the economy of the United Kingdom comprises a large number of micro, small and medium businesses. The majority of these businesses uses Accountants services. Traditional and conventional Accountants provide services such as Bookkeeping, Accounting, preparation of Tax Returns and submission with the Authorities.

Lagging behind

Time has now changed. The businesses are facing challenges in this unprecedented time introduced by the pandemic. Businesses need to survive. They need services to help them survive. Businesses need to prepare for this uncertain time. They need Contingency & Continuity Planning Services. Many businesses are closing down. They need Business Winding Up Services. People intend to launch new businesses. They need Business Start-up Services. Some intend to buy running businesses. They need Due Diligence Service.


Alas! All these Business Survival, Contingency & Continuity Planning, Business Buy/Sell, and those highlighted services are not provided by these accountancy practices, maybe because they are ill-equipped or that they simply do not wish to come out of their comfort zones.

Top Firms

Big accountancy practices offer such services at a fee that most of the micro, small to medium businesses can not afford.


In the wake of the above, there is a great opportunity for those professional Accountants who offer non-traditional and non-conventional services and are ready to take up the challenges in the United Kingdom.

Time is seriously running out.

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