How to set up an Accounting & Consulting Practice in the United Kingdom?

We never knew how important Accountants and Business & Management Consultants are.

Businesses are the backbone of every economy. Professional Accountants and Business and Management consultants are the backbone of such businesses. The pandemic has introduced completely new set and combination of circumstances that the businesses, businessmen, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs are supposed to face to keep their heads out of the water. The sheet anchor in this effort are none other than Accountants and Business and Management consultants.

The United Kingdom is a source of guidance and inspiration for hope. A beacon of business. A beacon of brand. Recovery from the pandemic is structured here. Businesses may justifiably expect proactive support from the Accountants and Business and Management Consultants.

Lifeline to the Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Accountants and Business and Management Consultants are tuned to provide services such as Business Diagnostic Services, Business Contingency & Continuity Planning, Financial Projections, Sensitivity Analysis, Strategic Planning and more, all that offer a lifeline to the business and entrepreneurs.

Set up Accounting and Business & Management Consulting Practice in the United Kingdom

Among others, one avenue to set up Accounting and Consulting Practice is to open your Branch or wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom. This is possible when you are already running a practice outside the United Kingdom.

Send your Employee to the United Kingdom to open the Branch or the subsidiary. Once set up, more staff may be recruited both from within the United Kingdom and abroad.

The benefits of securing work in the United Kingdom and getting completed from staff based in your principal office outside UK, may offer you value-addition.

You may find a bit more benefits for sure.

First Step

So the first step would be to study the tangible and intangible cost-benefit of setting up such a practice in the United Kingdom. Here our Business Plans and Financial Projections prepared for the purpose may be handy.

You will find latest, updated post-Brexit information about Market, Customers, Competitors, Services, Challenges, possible growth, expansion and more.


Both from Business & Management Consulting to UK Immigration Consulting, we provide extensive services. With Chartered Accountants in our team, we understand the profession and the opportunities.

Under one-umbrella, we will provide you services such as handling Visa applications to providing Business Plan and Financial Projections for the proposed business.

Our Team

We are readily available to respond to any query that you may have.


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