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Finland proposes to adopt the national D visa highlighting the visa application and the prerequisites for issuing.

Dated: 23 Feb 2021


The Finnish Government has released a proposal to adopt the National D Visa. In the proposal, the Government has also highlighted the Visa Application and the Prerequisites for its issuance.

Reside in Finland for One Year

Under D Visa, individuals would be allowed to reside in Finland for a maximum of one year. The Visa would further allow individuals to reside in the Schengen Area for a maximum of three months within any period of six months.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

The key to the adoption of the D Visa is to promote Entrepreneurship in Finland. Through D Visa, Startup Entrepreneurs along with their Families would be able to enter the country and the process will be accelerated.


The Government aims to finalise and enter the provision of D Visa into force by the autumn of 2021.

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